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Plumbing factory continous improvement post by mlean

Models for continuous improvement Part II

In the first blog about continuous improvement models, we analyzed in detail TQM and Six Sigma, origin and advantages among others. In this blog, we will focus on the lean
Models for continuous improvement

Models for continuous improvement Part I

There are a lot of confusion and misinformation today about the different improvement models existing in the market. We are referring to TQM, LEAN, and Six Sigma. However, all of

What is Operational Excellence – Part II

In our blog What is operational Excellence – Part I we wrote about what is operational excellence, the main principles of operational excellence according to Shingo, and what was needed

What is Operational Excellence – Part I

The goal of the Operational Excellence is improving company’s profitability, competitiveness, and complete customer satisfaction. It is the ultimate goal to achieve continuous improvement. Operational Excellence definition Operational Excellence is
What are digital work instructions?

What is TPM

TPM stands for Total Productive Maintenance (literally “total productive maintenance”) and is an industrial maintenance strategy. In other words, it advocates the idea that all factory workers should be involved
How to perform a Kaizen Event

How to run a Kaizen Event successfully

What is Kaizen? We are pretty sure that if you are reading this blog is because you have heard talking about Kaizen. But what is kaizen? It is a Japanese
Successful Problem Solving

Successful Problem Solving 

What is a problem? Do we really know how to define “Problem”? I have to say that after many years of training companies in problem-solving, to the open question “What
Changeing Company Culture

Competency Management: Training for polyvalence in the workplace. Part III

This post is part of a series blog on Standardization, part II on job observation and Gemba walk and in particular, part I entitled What is Standardization and Digital Work
What is Industry 4.0

What is industry 4.0

Every company has a unique way of carrying out its operations. But all of them face one common challenge; the need to connect and access real-time data. Businesses must make

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