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Action Plans & Improvement Ideas


the execution of your action plans to another level.


progress and notify users, while adding evidences that enable you to follow up.


your full PDCA method through the Lean Dashboard.

Action Plans

Unify all your action plans

No matter where your action comes from, all of them will be aggregated in the mPS. They will be accessible on the shop floor through the Lean Center app or through a web browser in the Action section of the Lean Dashboard,

Streamline and prioritize actions with an integral view in real-time to see everything that is happening in your plant. Make the best decisions with the best information supported by videos and photos.

Stay updated by receiving e-mail notifications, calendar invites, and updates. Take advantage of your notification section all over the mPS to see what is going on with all the upcoming actions.

Improvement Ideas

Grow your improvement ideas

Through the Lean Dashboard, you can create an improvement idea, describe the current and the desired situation, define all the implementation actions needed to carry out the idea, and control the flow until its complete validation. Internal communication through the comments section supports the collaboration between actors.

Rate your ideas to rank best practices in your factory

Integration – Perform an audit, a TPM task, or even a daily routine or Gemba walk, register a new improvement idea, in real-time from the shop floor.