Leader Standard Work Routines — An Overview

Leader Standard Work overseeing routines in the factory

By definition, a team leader is someone who leads people to hit certain goals. To be truly successful, this person needs to implement Leader Standard Work (LSW) routines in their daily operations. This article focuses on how a team leader incorporates LSW to ensure maximum productivity, quality, and profitability around your factory. What is Leader […]

What Are The 5 Whys?

femme utilisant la méthode des cinq pourquoi au sein d’une usine pour identifier la cause profonde d’un problème.

Problem-solving is the bread and butter of most factories today, but not all organisations solve their problems the same way. Today, we dissect the operating principles behind the 5 Whys method, exploring its advantages, use cases, and relevance. What do the 5 Whys mean? By definition, 5 Whys is a problem-solving technique that uses Root […]

Your All-In-One Digital Problem-Solving Tool Visits the AFS

mlean at Advance factories trade fair

mlean® is coming to Advanced Factories Barcelona from the 18th-20th of April to present the solution you need to optimise your industrial operations. Our mlean® Production System (mPS) is an all-encompassing, flexible digital tool that helps you increase productivity and revenue in your factory from a single dashboard. Forget about using several systems that don’t […]