How lean manufacturing software is improving mass production

Manufacturing software

If you run a mass production plant, you’ve probably thought about how technology affects your business.  Even if you don’t yet have a strategy for digital transformation, it’s never a bad time to understand what effects software and digital tech can have on your bottom line. That’s what we want to go over with you […]

Operational Excellence and the automotive industry

Operational excellence automotive

Automotive manufacturers face an incredible amount of internal and external pressure to operate as effectively as they can. Inefficiencies mean reduced profitability and competitiveness in a hectic marketplace, and poor quality safeguards can mean legal and reputational disaster. So how can automotive manufacturers improve factory performance and achieve operational excellence? Today, we’ll answer the following: […]

Sustainability and digital transformation for factories

Digital transformation and sustainability

We’ve reached a unique moment in the history of manufacturing. Just as the need for more environmentally friendly practices increases, so too has the power of technology. It makes sense to think of how you can achieve both a more sustainable and more connected factory at the same time. So, how can you digitally transform […]

The benefits of digital transformation for factories

Digital transformation

Manufacturing is experiencing a time of change and challenge.  As the global economy resets following the Covid pandemic, factories are finding new and innovative ways to respond. First among them is retooling for a digital-first future. To avoid being stuck with 20th Century methods to tackle 21st Century problems, now’s the time to adopt digital […]

The link between continuous improvement and worker satisfaction

Factory worker

The great thing about continuous improvement is that it affects every aspect of your factory. If you improve one area of your production, it has a ripple effect across your whole line. This applies to your workforce too. Factory workers that feel content at work are 44% more productive, a gain that could have huge […]

How delivery costs impact your factory’s ability to be competitive

Delivery costs affect your factory

Delivery processes in factories don’t always get the recognition they deserve, and the reality is that they can make or break your business. Just as much as quality control processes, your delivery processes directly affect your ability to stay competitive, profitable, and scalable. Seeing that delivery management platforms can reduce costs by up to 20%, […]