7 ways to improve your Shop Floor Operations

7 Maneiras de melhorar as operações no chão de fábrica

After your design phase, your shop floor operations are the heart of your factory and the whole success of your organisation. To have a truly effective shop floor at all times, you need to implement some strategies to optimise your operations.  Today, we tell you 7 ways to get your shop floor to another level, […]

Leader Standard Work Routines — An Overview

Leader Standard Work overseeing routines in the factory

By definition, a team leader is someone who leads people to hit certain goals. To be truly successful, this person needs to implement Leader Standard Work (LSW) routines in their daily operations. This article focuses on how a team leader incorporates LSW to ensure maximum productivity, quality, and profitability around your factory. What is Leader […]

How has digitalisation improved factory productivity?

Image of factory productivity using digital technologies to keep everything tidy.

Enhanced connectivity is critical to strengthen the industry’s ability to innovate in manufacturing, and any improvement in this field has always led to increased productivity. Historically speaking, the Industrial Revolution, the creation of management software, and the internet have increased the efficiency of millions of businesses in recent years. Today, our lives are intertwined with […]

How to run a Kaizen Event successfully

How to perform a Kaizen Event

What is Kaizen? We are pretty sure that if you are reading this blog is because you have heard talking about Kaizen. But what is kaizen? It is a Japanese word that started to be used in the master lessons of Deming and Juran during the development and recovery of Japan after II World War.  […]

What is problem-solving?


Problem-solving skills are fundamental to keeping factories running smoothly. Today, we’re bringing a complete guide to help you take your problem-solving routines to the next level. First stop: what is a problem? Before we even discuss methodologies, we need to define what’s a problem. One definition could be the following: a problem is the gap […]