Reducing waste
Improving efficiency
Increasing profit

With mlean Production System (mPS) you’ll reduce costs, prevent accidents, improve your OEE%, and create a more profitable factory.

From day one, you’ll see benefits from shop floor to office, including:

More effective teams

  • Save up to 1 hour per day per team leader from non-added value activities

  • Cut employee training time by 50% 
  • Get people more engaged with continuous improvement across your organisation

An optimised shop floor

  • Guarantee factory goal alignment within the whole organisation
  • Upgrade your workers’ skills and standardise at scale by improving the management of every workstation
  • Implement lean methodology consistently with routines that create a culture of continuous improvement

Enhanced communication & visibility

  • Ensure accurate, up-to-date information is always available across every line

  • Effective action plan management: Improve traceability and visibility of the actions in progress
  • Anticipate potential problems and act before they happen

Who benefits from the mPS?

The mlean Production System is the most complete system on the market. So it’s designed to benefit everyone across your lines.
From day one, here’s how mPS will impact key people in your factory:

COO - Operational Excellence

Plant Manager

Production Manager

Continuous Improvement Manager

EH & Safety Manager

Quality Manager

mlean product integrations

The future of smart factories relies on the interconnection between different information sources.

The mlean Production System (mPS) has been conceived to live with the existing systems in the manufacturing facilities.

See for yourself

We’d love to show you how the mPS could benefit your factory.

Book a demo with us and we’ll run you through: