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Factory worker

The link between continuous improvement and worker satisfaction

The great thing about continuous improvement is that it affects every aspect of your factory. If you improve one area of your production, it has a ripple effect across your
Leader Standard Work overseeing routines in the factory

Leader Standard Work Routines — An Overview

By definition, a team leader is someone who leads people to hit certain goals. To be truly successful, this person needs to implement Leader Standard Work (LSW) routines in their
Image of factory productivity using digital technologies to keep everything tidy.

How has digitalisation improved factory productivity?

Enhanced connectivity is critical to strengthen the industry’s ability to innovate in manufacturing, and any improvement in this field has always led to increased productivity. Historically speaking, the Industrial Revolution,
What is Industry 4.0

What is industry 4.0

Every company has a unique way of carrying out its operations. But all of them face one common challenge; the need to connect and access real-time data. Businesses must make
Continuous Improvement and Safety

Continuous improvement and Safety

Maintaining a safe work environment is essential for any business. No employee wants to work in hazardous conditions, and it will reflect poorly on your organization if the proper standards

What is 5S?

5S is one of the most popular methodologies to maximise efficiency on your shop floor. In later years, a sixth S has been added to this approach to include safety.

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