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Factory costs in factory

How factory costs affect you and what to do about it

There are many different ways in which your factory can face waste, and costs are one of them. If you want your factory to be profitable, you need to keep
Quality control in factory

Quick guide to quality control for manufacturing

Quality control is, alongside production planning, one of the most important processes in your factory regarding reducing waste and maximising output, customer satisfaction, and profitability. So why do so many
Safety measures in factory

Factory safety measures and how to enforce them

You already know how complex factory environments are, with many moving parts and a variety of things that can go wrong at the drop of a hat. That’s why ensuring
Gemba walk in a factory

Gemba walk: Everything you need to know to do it right

Gemba walks are the bread and butter of effective shop floor management, so it’s vital to know how to implement them right and what to avoid when you’re in the
Kanban method for lean manufacturing

The Kanban method for lean manufacturing

You already know how important efficiency and waste reduction are for effective manufacturing, but do you know how the Kanban method relates to lean manufacturing and strives for operational excellence?
7 Maneiras de melhorar as operações no chão de fábrica

7 ways to improve your Shop Floor Operations

After your design phase, your shop floor operations are the heart of your factory and the whole success of your organisation. To have a truly effective shop floor at all
Shop floor management in a factory line

Shop floor management in a few easy steps

In the world of industrial operations, efficiency and productivity are paramount to success.  One of the key drivers of success in any factory is effective shop floor management. Among its
Planejamento de produção em uma fábrica.

Production planning: Start reducing waste in your factory today

We all know the key to long-term success for your factory lies in effective production planning. We also know that production planning isn’t always a straightforward process, so we’ve put
Diagrama de Ishikawa em uma fábrica

Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram: Problem-Solving Made Easy

When it comes to problem-solving for factories, few are as versatile as the Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram. It’s easy to implement, highly effective and, if done correctly, will not only solve

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