mlean: 6 years and a half of iterations.

Agile Alliance, launches the first iteration in Spanish for American audiences.

Software Craftmanship, Product, Teams, and Companies were the 4  themes covered during the event. The online conference had 36 talks of 50 minutes each.

The mlean CTO, Angélica Lozano presented “6 years and a half of iterations”. Under this title, Angélica talked about the importance of the user opinion, even when it does not exist yet; what agile principles translate into when you have to get your product to factories around the world.

Angélica, also shared the mlean journey from its foundation in 2014, until today where more than 30 clients and more than 180 production plants, with their designated users, use the mlean Production System to manage their factories and their resources and finally connect people with processes.

Seeing is believing

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