mlean® presents OK 1st Part in AF2022, the application that redefines seamless production

Valladolid, March 29, 2022 – mlean® startup founded in 2014 with headquarters in Valladolid and developer of one of the most complete production system for continuous improvement on the market, launches at Advanced Factories 22 a new mobile application, Ok 1st Part. This application focuses on helping production managers to verify that the installation is correctly prepared to manufacture right the first time. Through checklists adapted to the specific production, it anticipates potential quality and safety problems before starting production, during a shift, or during a part reference change.

Mobile Lean, better known as mlean, was born to help people in factories to make their day-to-day work easier through the digitalization of continuous improvement. The system they market, the mPS (mlean® Production System), connects people and their knowledge with industrial processes.

“Currently we are all overconnected, but it seems that operators and production managers leave their mobile phones behind in the locker as soon as they step into the factory.” Roberto Delgado, CEO of mlean, comments. “But the operator´s knowledge, properly collected and shared in the right tool, brings the efficiency and insights that companies need to continue being efficient and relevant,” adds Delgado

mlean, the European leader in digital systems for the continuous improvement of factories, has chosen the 2022 Advanced Factories fair to launch yet another application to its suite and thus redefine perfect production with its “OK 1st part”. “With this application -OK 1st part-, we want to bring efficiency to our customers, ensuring a seamless production, reducing non-quality costs and undesirable yield losses.” Roberto Delgado assures.

The mlean® Production System is already installed in more than 280 factories in multiple industries such as the automobile, food and beverage, lighting, architecture, or plastic injection. It is already in 30 countries and has been translated into 16 languages, speeding up the internationalization and digitalization process of its clients.






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