mlean rekindles digital problem solving

The fifth edition of Global Industrie in Lyon, one of the largest industrial exhibitions in France, is the event chosen for mlean to rekindle problem solving within the mlean® Production System (mPS). From the 7th to the 10th of March 2023, our team will be participating as exhibitors in the event held in Eurexpo Lyon – Hall 1, 1F16.

The mlean® Production System (mPS) is a unique web and mobile product in constant evolution that digitalizes the day-to-day operations of a factory. It ensures coherence and consistency of behavior and provides a unified and integrated view of all the information. The mPS organizes, trains and develops your team from the most complete and interconnected digital system. 

The market has brought simple and inflexible methodologies that unfortunately do not fit all the problems companies are dealing with. Indeed, the lack of flexibility in the configuration and variety of problems makes it extremely difficult to digitalize the Problem Solving method in one single tool. Following a method is vital but also it is important to understand the origin of the problem, either external or internal to frame the problem as best as possible.

mlean has rekindled a digital problem solving tool and brings through a fully guided process, two different methodologies, just-do-it and 8D. This solution provides the opportunity to categorize  the difficulty of the problem in one single place. It also provides the flexibility and versatility to adapt the tool to your type of problem.

The company will also bring along live demos of the mPShub and the mlean® Hoshin Kanri, being this the latest and innovative addition to the product portfolio. The mlean® Hoshin Kanri web solution supports the strategic objectives execution for any collaborator in the organization and can reach as many hierarchy levels as needed with an easy process.

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