mlean sponsors the “XIII Noche de la Ingeniería Informática” in Valladolid

This year, mlean is sponsoring a major professional event for the Computer Science community in Castilla y León, the XIII Noche de la Ingeniería Informática, on Friday June 24th.

The event is organized by the Professional College of Computer Science Engineers of Castilla y Leon (Colegio Profesional de Ingenieros en Informática de Castilla y León) with the aim to recognize and celebrate the Computer Science community in our region. This event is considered an annual meeting point for universities, professionals, companies, and public entities, as they will all participate in the event. After two years on standby, the IT night comes back to celebrate how technology has contributed positively to improve people’s lives.

The sponsorship marks a proud moment for mlean, as Computer Science is at the heart of the mlean Production System and represents a significant part of the engineering team. “We are excited to participate and sponsor this event; we believe that technology impacts on everyone’s lives” says Roberto Delgado, CEO at mlean. “Indeed, the event is a clear opportunity to position ourselves in the IT community, develop students’ talents and give them that opportunity to create that impact by developing our mPS spreaded all over the world.”

During the event, the i3 Awards Ceremony will be held as well as a Talk by Sergio Boixo on “Information Revolution and Quantum Revolution”. Sergio is a Scientific Director of Quantum Computing Theory at Google, where the “Quantum (supremacy) Advantage” was demonstrated by just processing in three minutes of quantum computer a task designed to take ten thousand years in the world’s largest classical supercomputer.

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