Progress is about reinvention. The new mlean.

Progress is about reinvention. The new mlean.

We have sent to all our customers what is our new vision and with the vision, our new brand. This is the letter that all our customers have received.

As we grow, we evolve, and mlean is reinventing itself. We are not only looking for achievement because achievement implies an end. Reinvention leaves the end open—and allows us endless opportunities to continue exploring with new platforms and developments to connect the innate abilities of your team and make you a trendsetter in digital transformation for industrial processes.


Indeed, mlean continues its role in society, not only with the impact we are leaving in the transformation of your business using fewer resources, but also because data is the fuel, and people are and will always be the launch pad. We continue simply connecting people with industrial processes.


To end, at this reinvention point, we have decided to refresh our corporate brand that you will see in your devices and our new materials. But our soul, our mPS (mlean® Production System) and vision have not changed, now they are ready for the future.


To continue transforming our clients, we had to be open to transform ourselves. To give you peace of mind, we have you covered, we assure a seamless transition, you will not even notice.


Welcome to the new mlean and thank you for being a great part of our reinvention.


Seeing is believing

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