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iOS Developer (Swift)

Deployed in almost 300 factories in more than 35 countries, our solutions help people to produce cars, components, furniture, coffee, refreshing beverages, baby food, and all the goods you can imagine on the manufacturing industry. The engineering team inside mlean designs, develops, deploys and maintains the mPS (mlean Production System), a suite of mobile and web applications for the day-to-day management of the shop floor. Boosted by the power of Smart Data and Artificial Intelligence, our goal is to make the life of people in the factories easier every day.

You’re welcome, whatever your level of experience:

  • Junior: €27K – €33K
  • Mid-level: €34K – €40K
  • Experienced: to be agreed

Sounds interesting? Read on!

Who we are

mlean is a startup from Valladolid that accompanies manufacturers and industrial suppliers in their digitization process towards Industry 4.0. where people are at the center of our software.

No buzzwords: we make the most of smartphones and tablets to facilitate the daily lives of people working on the production line. Once this data is stored in digital form, we convert it into relevant information for continuous improvement in the factory.

What are we looking for

Our mlean® Production System (mPS) is used in more than 300 factories in different countries across Europe, America, Africa and Asia. For developing the mPS, our engineering team is composed of professionals with knowledge of iOS (Swift), HTML, CSS, Javascript (Vue.js) and Python (Django). Additionally, we use XCode UI to test our apps, TestCafe on the frontend and Django Test for our backend. Jenkins helps us with the integration of all the system modules, which we deploy using Docker and Ansible.

The current engineering team is composed of 22 people. Our team follows an unwritten rule: “2×2” (each relevant process must be mastered by at least two people, and each person must master at least two relevant processes). The reason is simple: to be able to go on holiday whenever we want, without endangering the mental health of our colleagues 🙂 

That’s why we’re looking for you to have experience in iOS development and we need you to be willing to immerse yourself in at least one of the other technologies mentioned above

As you may have noticed, we are an international company. We expect you to have no limitations in working in English with IT professionals from other countries.

Experience you will need

  • Experience as iOS Developer (+1,5 years)
  • Programming skills in SWIFT
  • Be willing to learn at least one of the other technologies of our tech stack
  • Languages: English B2 level. 

What will your job be at mlean

The engineering team is multidisciplinary and autonomous, which means that it designs, develops, validates and deploys solutions for the problems included in our roadmap or described by the Customer Success team. As part of this team, you will be involved in decision making in any of these phases. 

We run two-week iterations, at the end of which we deploy the new features to some of our pilot customers. For the rest, we conduct formal releases every four sprints (every two months). Our CTO shared this releasing process at Pamplona Craftsmanship. Take a look! 

We respect your 40 hours per week and you will be free to adapt your working hours to your personal or family situation, coinciding daily for 6 hours with the rest of the team (between 9 am and 3 pm). 

What we offer

Permanent contract


27-40k€ annual salary 


Remote work


Flexibility, work-life balance


23 working vacation days + your birthday


Office available to meet the team in person


Training grant up to 600€ / year


20€ / month for electricity & internet


Excellent working environment


Young and dynamic team


Start-up mode


All necessary equipment provided

What will the selection process be like


Send us your CV and the information you consider relevant to:


Our HR person will contact you for a first interview. The aim of this first contact will be to explain you mlean’s vision and to get to know you.


Afterwards, we will have a conversation with the technical leaders and, if there is interest on both sides, we will invite you for a virtual coffee so that you can get to know the whole team.


Send us your resume to

Join us!

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