Models for continuous improvement Part II

Plumbing factory continous improvement post by mlean

In the first blog about continuous improvement models, we analyzed in detail TQM and Six Sigma, origin and advantages among others. In this blog, we will focus on the lean model, and we will finally compare the three models. The comparative table that you will find at the end will help you to take the […]

Models for continuous improvement Part I

Models for continuous improvement

There are a lot of confusion and misinformation today about the different improvement models existing in the market. We are referring to TQM, LEAN, and Six Sigma. However, all of them have the same objective: increase customer satisfaction by improving and making work processes more robust through process analysis and elimination of anything unnecessary, in […]

Operational Excellence: Everything You Need To Know

Operational Excellence(OE) is the key to increased profitability and competitiveness in your factory, as well as complete customer satisfaction.  OE drives business performance because of its unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. Let’s take a look at the core principles, strategies, and benefits behind this philosophy. What is Operational Excellence? At its core, OE is a […]

Hoshin Kanri — Level up your factory’s operations

Not many things scream ‘strategic management model’ like Hoshin Kanri, and the best part is that it’s easy to implement and includes everybody in your factory. Hoshin Kanri means policy management, and it represents the concept of guiding your company in a clear, strategic direction. Let’s take a look and see what all the fuss […]

Leadership and Continuous Improvement

Leadership and continuous improvement

In this post, we share our vision of what we believe is the most important area to successfully implement a Continuous Improvement Model, and why leadership is more important than the model itself. You can complement this information in our guide on how to implement a continuous improvement model. Leadership: the key to success in […]