The Kanban method for lean manufacturing

Kanban method for lean manufacturing

You already know how important efficiency and waste reduction are for effective manufacturing, but do you know how the Kanban method relates to lean manufacturing and strives for operational excellence? Get ready to soak in everything there is to know about this pillar of lean manufacturing. Today, we’ll be covering: What is the Kanban method? […]

Production planning: Start reducing waste in your factory today

Planejamento de produção em uma fábrica.

We all know the key to long-term success for your factory lies in effective production planning. We also know that production planning isn’t always a straightforward process, so we’ve put a guide together to help you harness the potential of effective production planning. In this blog, you’ll find: What’s production planning? Why is production planning […]

Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram: Problem-Solving Made Easy

Diagrama de Ishikawa em uma fábrica

When it comes to problem-solving for factories, few are as versatile as the Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram. It’s easy to implement, highly effective and, if done correctly, will not only solve the problem but prevent it from happening again. Let’s take a look. What is Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram? The Fishbone Diagram gets its name from its […]

QC Story — An overview

QC Story em uma fábrica

When it comes to quality control, continuous improvement plays a key role in industries striving for excellence. Here’s where the QC comes in. This method, developed in Japan, has proven dramatically effective in boosting industrial processes and operations. Let’s take a look at it in more detail. What is QC Story? At its core, QC […]

5S Audit Checklist: How To Do It Right

listes de contrôle audit 5S

If you want to make sure you implemented something right, you need to run regular checks on it from time to time to make sure it works. That’s where the 5S Audit comes in. And what’s the best way to ensure we’re not leaving anything out when auditing something? The answer might surprise you —a […]

A3 Problem-Solving: Thinking & Templates

A3 Report

As a factory manager, you’re already familiar with problem-solving, but how familiar are you with the A3 problem-solving method? Today, we tell you everything about the A3 problem-solving method and why it can be precisely what you need to get your factory running as smoothly as ever. Download your A3 problem-solving template What is A3? […]

8D Method: Level-Up Your Problem-Solving Skills

8D problem-solving method in a factory

Solving problems is an essential part of industrial daily operations, and the 8D method might just be what you need to optimise your processes and increase the value of your whole chain of production. Today, we talk about how the 8D process helps you identify, fix, and prevent problems so you don’t have to deal […]

The PDCA cycle: Enhancing your industrial operations

PDCA Cycle

As a factory manager, one of your main goals is to improve your operations, solve problems successfully, and increase efficiency.  One of the most effective ways to do it is by using the PDCA cycle.  Today we talk about what the PDCA cycle is, how it works, and why you should implement it in your […]

Root Cause Analysis: Boosting Your Factory’s Operations

Análise de causa raiz em uma fábrica

As a factory manager, you’re responsible for overseeing a complex system of production, quality control, and employee management.  To do this the right way and improve your operational excellence, you need the right problem-solving tools. Today, we tell you how Root Cause Analysis (RCA) can help you increase the productivity, profitability, and overall quality of […]

Leader Standard Work Routines — An Overview

Leader Standard Work overseeing routines in the factory

By definition, a team leader is someone who leads people to hit certain goals. To be truly successful, this person needs to implement Leader Standard Work (LSW) routines in their daily operations. This article focuses on how a team leader incorporates LSW to ensure maximum productivity, quality, and profitability around your factory. What is Leader […]