Successful Problem Solving 

Successful Problem Solving

What is a problem? Do we really know how to define “Problem”? I have to say that after many years of training companies in problem-solving, to the open question “What is a problem“, I rarely received a valid answer…, I propose the following definition: “Problem = the difference between what is and what should be.” […]

What is industry 4.0

What is Industry 4.0

Every company has a unique way of carrying out its operations. But all of them face one common challenge; the need to connect and access real-time data. Businesses must make fast, effective decisions to remain relevant in the rapidly changing industrial economy. And connectivity is the game-changer. Thus the need to adopt industry 4.0 processes. […]

Changing Company Culture through Lean

Change in Company Culture through Lean

Lean culture has proven that organizations can consistently improve their competitiveness. Thousands of companies have been inspired by the path set by Toyota, giving people the conditions for the pursuit of improved process flexibility and reliability. The Lean philosophy sets people as a fundamental part and seeks to provide them with the methodologies and the […]

Continuous improvement and Safety

Continuous Improvement and Safety

Maintaining a safe work environment is essential for any business. No employee wants to work in hazardous conditions, and it will reflect poorly on your organization if the proper standards are not upheld. However, workplace safety is not static and must be continuously monitored and improved to be effective. Here is a closer look at […]

Continuous Improvement Guide

Continuous improvement guide

Are you looking to implement a continuous improvement model? In this post, we are going to launch a guide that will help you understand what continuous improvement is and why it is important, as well as the methodologies used for it and all the associated tools. What is continuous improvement Continuous Improvement is all the […]