What is Operational Excellence – Part I

The goal of the Operational Excellence is improving company’s profitability, competitiveness, and complete customer satisfaction. It is the ultimate goal to achieve continuous improvement. Operational Excellence definition Operational Excellence is a business and culture mindset focused on the ability to execute a process, activity, or task in an effective and efficient manner. It is about […]

What is Hoshin Kanri?

The Hoshin Kanri strategy planning and execution system were developed in the 1950s by Professor Yoji Akao in post-war Japan. Created within the framework of the Total Quality Control (QTC) methodology, this strategic management model is about sharing the objectives of the organization at all levels of the company so everyone can contribute from their […]

Leadership and Continuous Improvement

Leadership and continuous improvement

In this post, we share our vision of what we believe is the most important area to successfully implement a Continuous Improvement Model, and why leadership is more important than the model itself. You can complement this information in our guide on how to implement a continuous improvement model. Leadership: the key to success in […]