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Complaints Channel

Welcome to the complaints channel. Use this channel to relay information related to an illicit case that you know of in connection with our company. 

In order to use this means of communication, it is necessary to read the policy stating the general principles which you can access via the following linkThrough this channel, you will find all the information on the terms of application on which a complaint is based, in addition to how the process works and the rights of the parties involved. Should you wish to remain anonymous, simply select the option that states the complaint is anonymous. You will automatically receive an identification code through which you can track the state of the complaint at any time throughout the management procedure. In the case of anonymous complaints, the identification code shall be the only means to access and track the complaint, and it is the informant’s responsibility to keep the ID code.

Authorised personnel will then receive your notification and confirm receipt within the period of 7 working days, as set forth by the current and applicable legislation. In addition, in the event of a need to extend the information in order to carry out the complaint in process, this shall be required through the internal communication system, which guarantees the confidentiality of the informant at all times, and exclusively to comply with the corresponding procedures to administer your notification. 

Lastly, we appreciate your initiative and remind you of our company’s strong commitment to regulatory compliance with all individuals and organisations involved.

Head of Regulatory Compliance 


Click on this link to file a complaint.

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