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Customer Story

Making your employees part of every decision

Grupo Antolín Customer Story - mlean

mlean® Production System adoption by the users at Bamberg was easy, not only because of its intuitiveness but because even with no-PC experience employees were seeing a simple tool. Indeed, we were involving them in the plant decisions with their contributions.

Monika Kiesel
SP & mPS Coordinator
Antolin Bamberg

About Antolin

Antolin is a full-service supplier leader in the design, development, and manufacture of automobile industry components, offering multi-technological solutions for modular interior parts. The company develops technology for the interior of the car and its portfolio covers: overhead, door, lighting, cockpits, and electronic systems. Its long industrial tradition, extensive knowledge and the commitment to innovation and quality have made Antolin a key partner of car manufacturers in the development of more advanced, technological, and sustainable car interior. Antolin has operations in 26 countries with 150 plants and 26 technical-commercial offices. About 27,000 people work proactively with the aim to achieve clients’ maximum satisfaction.

The commitment of the staff, who play a leading role in the efficiency, is achieved through continuous training, effective communications, numerous participation systems, and the recognition of the work achievements of individuals and teams. Financial solidity, innovation, quality and competitive costs are what create the differentiating value of a company like Antolin, which strives on a daily basis to continue warranting the trust of its clients, investors and suppliers.

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Triggers & Business Challenges

Antolin started more than 15 years ago the implementation of the company Production System until they realized in 2014 that the system was “full of paper” and with clear challenges in communication. For Antolin being a World-Class manufacturer, not only it was needed a Production System, but a tool to implement the system quickly all over the world. It was critical to choose an intuitive tool and easy-to-use by the employees to get their maximum contribution at every plant in the world.

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Antolin Bamberg, Germany, adopted the mlean Production System to digitalize the management of the shop floor in a sustainable way, previously on paper. At the same time, the fact that all the plants were all interconnected, Antolin Bamberg realized data was becoming information to make better and quicker decisions, easier to establish improvement actions by just involving every individual.

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