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Quality, key department to push the mPS implementation

Customer Story mlean- Incarlopsa

“The objective was to change the quality concept & transfer ownership and responsibility to the production chain by spending more time at the production lines.”

“Fortunately, mlean adapted the mlean Production System to specific Incarlopsa needs and that was a real plus; that was the flexibility we were looking for.”

Rocío Ibáñez
Corporate Quality Manager

Rafael Aldana
Corporate Digital Transformation Manager

Miriam Sánchez
Digital Transformation Leader

About Incarlopsa

Incarlopsa´s main activity is the production and processing of meat products to offer quality products and traditional flavors with the best guarantees and the most rigorous sanitary controls. Our mission is to offer the best quality in the products we process, guaranteeing their perfect traceability. This helps us to satisfy the needs and demands of our customers and consumers, offering quality products. The main activity of Incarlopsa, within the meat industry, is focused on the processing of fresh pork products (white and Iberian pork), cured white ham, cured Iberian hams and shoulders, Iberian sausages, and cooked sausages.

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Triggers & Business Challenges

Incarlopsa, as a pork meat processor leader in Spain, started a project called Quality 10 in 2020 crossing the whole company. The goal was to produce their products right the first time and in the same way all over their factories. Additionally, there was a clear need of digital data collection to analyze and propose improve processes. The data indeed was not synchronized and standardized from different departments making difficult communications and at a different pace, slowing down important decisions.

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Incarlopsa realized they needed to have a different concept of quality and find the way to transfer ownership and quality responsibility to the production lines. Quality and Digital Transformation evaluated and implemented the mlean® Production System in multiple lines within a factory to transfer that accountability to production. Therefore, communication between teams improved, decisions were accelerated, and standards were established. Once the different lines were tested, the mPS travelled all over the 11 locations including the satellites factories.information available for every function performance.

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