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Customer Story

How our mlean Production System set OPmobility Arévalo towards a lean future

‘In the past, we tried to complete this project, but it always got aborted due to technical issues. We could finally go ahead with it in 2020, in part thanks to the great transformation that happened in the factory, and in part thanks to the tools mlean
gave us.’

‘The mPS is helping us to manage our action plans quickly,
easily, and effectively.’

Alejandro Martín
Factory Director, OPmobility Arévalo

About OPmobility Arévalo

OPmobility (formerly Plastic Omnium) is an international manufacturer of automotive parts and a world leader in its field.

Its Arévalo site, with around 600 employees, has been using our mlean Production System (mPS) since 2021. So what’s the result?

We spoke with the plant’s Factory Director, Alejandro Martín, and Continuous Improvement Leader, Teresa Ayuso, to learn more about the impact the mPS has made so far and what lies in store.

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