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Customer Story

Zero paper at the shop floor

Treves Customer Story - mlean

Our challenge was to have the 26 plants of the Trèves Group to work the same way. The mlean® Production System facilitated this achievement.

Elena Cebrián
Global Lean Manufacturing  & Industrial Strategy Director

Trèves Group

Tomás Fuentes
Plant Manager TCL
Trèves Group

About Trèves Group

Trèves Group is a global, family-owned automotive supplier, designer and manufacturer of acoustic and thermal insulation solutions for the automotive industry, which has been guided by the same entrepreneurial spirit since its creation in 1836. Present on four continents, the Group is a partner to a large number of the world’s vehicle manufacturers and continues to reinforce its position in growing markets. A world of opportunity is wide-open for those who are passionate about challenges of mobility and continuous personal self-improvement, who are ready to imagine new materials, products and solutions, and for whom seizing development opportunities within a growing international company makes sense.

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Triggers & Business Challenges

Trèves Group, as a global leader of acoustic and thermal insulation solutions for the automotive industry, desired to continue being a world-class manufacturer. As a consequence, the Group embarked on the standardization process starting from the shop floor. LPAs, followed by their customers, made them rethink the wasteful way they were collecting data to continue improving, being competitive, and reducing costs. 

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The Treves Group realized that either the number of resources, the time spent, and the way to collect data were not acceptable for a global leader. The industrial team, foster to test the mlean® Production System at TCL. The successful results in this plant made the system travel to the 17 countries where the Trèves Group has a presence, including the new acquisitions in progress.


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