Hoshin Kanri

Your company’s master plan,


Our Hoshin Kanri tool brings you a quick and effective way to set up your master plan and have full visibility of its status at all times

Cross-departmental efficiency
coming your way

We have digitalised the Hoshin Kanri methodology to help you set up and access your factory’s master plan quickly and easily.

You can forget about never-ending spreadsheets and scattered data across your factory, and start monitoring your plant’s performance from one single dashboard.

This solution can reach as many hierarchy levels as you want with a simple set-up process following the PDCA cycle.

With our Hoshin Kanri solution:

Synthesise and share your company’s goals with all your team members

Access your master plan anytime, anywhere

Choose between 3 types of strategies: numeric, financial data, or action plans

Get your data aggregated automatically every month

Hoshin Kanri is perfect if:

Seeing is believing

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