How we do it

Everything you need to know about how we work and what to expect from us


We follow a simple, transparent process with a few steps designed to make your overall experience top-notch. 

Our process works as follows:

1. You reach out

Whether filling out a form, booking a free demo, sending us an email, or giving us a call, the first step is to know you want to hear from us. 

Once this is done, we set the wheels in motion to make sure we’re the best fit for you and your factory.

2. We have a discovery call

Someone from our team will give you a 15-20 minute call to learn more about your challenges, your needs, goals, and more.

This is so we can understand your situation better and put together the best solution for you.

3. We have a demo meeting

After we learn everything we need to know about your needs and your business, we’ll schedule a tailored demo for you, showing you only the modules we think would work best.

Of course, if there’s any particular module you want to look at, you can tell us during our call and we’ll show you how it works too.

4. You get a quote

Once the meeting is over, we’ll get back to you with a tailored proposal covering the modules we’ve discussed during the demo, unless you want to modify them.

Either way, this quote will be specific to your situation, and it has no strings attached.

5. We sign the agreement and start the onboarding

If you decide we’re the solution for you, we’ll sign a contract for our license and we’ll start the onboarding process.

Easy peasy!

If you have any questions at any point during this process, we’re always ready to help at 


Because our software is modular and tailored to the needs of your business, we don’t have a standard pricing package.

Each price is different based on the number of modules you need, whether you want a cloud or on-premise deployment, and other customisable aspects.

Apart from being tailored to you, our quotes have no strings attached, so if you don’t want to move forward with us, it’s fine, there’ll be no hard feelings!


Can I create my own package of apps?


Our software is modular, so you can choose the modules you want and leave out the ones you don’t.  You can always upgrade later!

Currently 19, but we’re always working to add more languages to the mix.

To make the most of the mPS, we need to train our clients and show them best practices for our system.

The mPS is also tailored to your needs, so we need to know what the best features to include are for your circumstances, then get our Operations team to deploy them.

Because of this level of customisation, we can’t offer free trials, as they wouldn’t be truly representative of all the capabilities our system has.

Because you pick and choose the modules you need from our software, we go on a case-by-case basis. 

After we know what you need, we’ll send you a tailored proposal with absolutely no strings attached!

Yes, you can connect existing systems in your company through our API.

When mlean started in 2014, Wi-Fi connectivity in factories was generally limited to certain areas. 

Our solution can’t rely on whether the connection is good or not, so we developed native apps that can work without an internet connection. 

iOS was the chosen option versus Android because of security, privacy, and user experience on iPads.

Yes, the web version of the mPS is suitable for any mobile device. 


We have 3 different connection mechanisms depending on whether you want to provide authentication, load lists of workers, or synchronise data frequently.

Sure! Our BI integration allows you to customise your dashboard, giving you automatic access to a copy of the database stored in the mPS.

No, it doesn’t!

An MES is designed to help you monitor the status of your production lines, OEE, etc.

The mPS works alongside your MES to implement continuous improvement, lean, and quality processes across your lines to help you hit your OEE goals. 

Very easily!

Our Customer Success team will get in contact with you to guide you throughout the whole set-up process, and they’re always on hand for any questions you may have before, during, or after deployment, so you won’t have to figure anything out on your own.

If you struggle with any part of the process at any point, just drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

The mPS gets deployed through the cloud by default. 

If a customer wants to deploy the mPS on-premises, there’s an additional fee.

With our mPSHub, a solution for those who want to manage and get full visibility into several factories at once.

Each client has a different MES system, so we need to take a look first to see what we’re working with.

However, we’ve never encountered a situation we couldn’t sort out!

Seeing is believing

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