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These reactive modules help you create and track action plans, product alerts, improvement ideas, and more.

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Improvement Drivers at mlean

Our solution features 5 modules for an all-round experience.

You can select the modules you need and ignore the ones you don’t. You can always upgrade later!

Included in this solution:

Production Alerts

This is the perfect module to organise protocols and escalations, helping your team solve issues faster.

This module allows you to launch alerts from any other module in the mPS, so you can always stay up-to-date with all your digital industrial processes.

With Production Alerts:

Improvement Ideas

Improvement ideas tailored to your lines make your processes more efficient while future-proofing your factory.

With our Improvement Ideas module, you can create and monitor improvement ideas until they reach their final validation.

These improvement ideas are stored in your mPS, so you can access them whenever you need them. If you’re facing a similar problem, the system will give you the most suitable improvement idea based on the information you input.

With Improvement Ideas:

Problem Solving

Our Problem Solving module helps you trace and fix issues across your factory, so you can get full control and visibility over how everything’s going.

This tool includes a wide range of problem-solving methodologies so you can find the one that works best for your specific situation.

You’ll also have access to a detailed knowledge database from problems solved, where you can check where and when the problem started, what measures were taken to correct it,  and whether they were successful or not, among other things.

With Problem Solving:

HSE Risks

Increase the impact of your risk prevention policies to engage everyone in your factory and keep your workforce safe.

HSE Risks helps you prevent future accidents, gives you tailored options based on your factory, and integrates with all of our other modules.

You can also follow up risk status in real time, helping you set priorities and monitor results in a way that works for your factory.

With HSE Risks:

Action Plans

Our Action Plans module helps you store and access all the action plans in your factory from any device, anywhere.

You can streamline and prioritise actions with a 360° view of your whole factory in real time.

With Action Plans, you can:

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