Make maintenance seamless

Our TPM module has everything you need to fix issues before they appear.

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Maintenance at mlean

If you want your factory to stay competitive while improving profitability and customer satisfaction rates, you need regular maintenance across your lines.

So, we’ve developed a module to ensure you find and fix issues before they affect your bottom line.

TPM - Total Preventative Maintenance

Reduce accidents, machine downtime, and quality issues with our TPM module.

This module brings you 360° visibility over your factory, giving you reliable information about any maintenance activities and flagging any issues you need to prioritise.

Our TPM module also enables collaboration between relevant departments by connecting team members in real-time, wherever they are.

With our TPM module, you can:

‘I start work at 08:30. By 09:00 every morning, I have a crystal-clear view of everything that’s going on in the factory, down to the latest line.’

Alejandro Martín

Factory Director, OPmobility Arévalo

Seeing is believing

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