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The only continuous improvement software you’ll ever need

mlean® Production System (mPS) streamlines your factory’s processes and keeps everyone connected from shop floor to office

Managing a successful factory is hard work, with many moving parts.

From your shop floor to office, you need 360° visibility to ensure everything’s working properly, and communication between departments is key to making this happen.

This is why we created a modular software that does this and more to keep your factory ahead of the game.

Our mPS helps you standardise processes, carry out audits and maintenance, manage your shop floor, and implement continuous improvement consistently.


What is
mlean® Production System (mPS)?

mlean® Production System is the only tool you need to centralise your continuous improvement processes and connect everyone across your organisation seamlessly.

Because it’s a modular software, you can choose what modules you want to use and which ones you don’t. This means you’ll get a tool tailored to your factory’s unique needs.


With our mPS, you can standardise your daily operations, or improve your already existing processes.

From 5S Workshop to Visual Standard, Skill Matrix and more, we’ve got you covered.


Keep everything running smoothly with our TPM module.

Our maintenance tool helps you get a near-perfect system performance.


Control your shop floor from all angles at all times with our shop floor management tools.

From Gemba Walk, Routines, and SFM Board, we cover all the bases to make sure your shop floor is as efficient and organised as possible.


Make sure everything’s working the way it should, or look for improvement opportunities.

With our audits, you can keep your factory in check and ahead of the game at all times.

Implement continuous improvement consistently

All of our modules come with action plans, but you can also upgrade to include problem-solving, HSE risks, and production alerts.

These improvement drivers integrate seamlessly with any module, and they’re the key to optimised performance and continuous improvement across all levels of your organisation.

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs:

Centralise all your factory’s key information in one single platform

Assign tasks, schedule audits, and see what everyone’s up to in one place.

Digital continuous improvement made easy

With mlean®, you’re not just getting a tool. 


You’re getting the most complete, flexible, and well-rounded digital solution for continuous improvement on the market.

Book your free personalised demo today and see for yourself!

Standard Work

Start your safety by defining and respecting robust standards.

Train your organisation’s workforce with work instructions made on video.

Develop the overall skills of your team to face all the incoming challenges.

Identify wastes, propose new versions and get them approved to safely achieve your performance goals.


Involve production teams to implement preventive maintenance activities to avoid accidents, breakdowns, small stops, and quality defects.


Shoopfloor Management

Focus on what matters the most. Define daily routines completely aligned with your factory goals.

Guarantee everybody takes part in the important activities.

Compare your factory reality from different perspectives through Gemba Walk.

Identify improvement opportunities and anticipate to potential issues.

Start of Production

Help your employees start production in a safe and flawless way. Guide them in the preparation of machines, materials, verification of key points of the process, and verifying the quality of the outgoing product.

A simple tool designed to be used at the changeover, shift change, or to verify any quality problem detected at the end of the line.



Converge shop floor related audits into a single tool.

Eliminate all manual and paper processing using spreadsheets.

Save critical time with every audit so you can focus on value-added tasks.


Improvement Drivers

Raise the execution of your action plans to another level.

Track progress and notify users, while adding evidences that enable you to follow up.

Access your full PDCA method through the Lean Dashboard.

Create and manage an improvement idea

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