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What’s the mlean Production System (mPS)?

Our software has many solutions to ensure your plant is always in tip-top shape, and when it comes to getting and maintaining IATF/ISO certifications, there are 2 winning modules to help you get ahead of the game.

These modules are Master Audit and Action Plans, and both of them have turned LPAs and PDCAs into intuitive, effective, and quick processes.

Master Audit

Complete your LPAs from anywhere in the factory in about 5-15 minutes, freeing time to focus on value-added tasks. 

You can also check data in real time and use our automatic calendar to schedule LPAs based on your historical data.

And if you need a specific template to complete your LPA, it’s fine, you can customise ours as much as you want, or create new ones.

Action Plans

Identify, tackle, and close your PDCA processes anywhere, anytime.

You’ll also get access to a PDCA library with past actions and all the information about them, including whether they were successful or not.

With this tool, you have real-time visibility and traceability of all the issues in your lines at any point, and it’s really easy to assign people to each process and track the progress they’re making.

The mPS includes solutions for standardisation, maintenance, shop floor management, start of production, audits and more, as well as action plans, improvement ideas, and production alerts as part of our improvement drivers.

15 OPmobility plants are already using our mlean Production System (mPS), with some of them reporting great gains

Read OPmobility’s success story to learn how the Arévalo (Spain) plant is ahead of the game like never before.

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