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Our vision

Transform factories into sustainable environments where people can develop their innate abilities.

Our story

As a team, we always had the vision on the urge to improve people’s lives on the shop floor, where everything happens. Soon we realize that it was critical to make them part of the company strategy and growth. However, we needed first to understand their daily routines and reality. 

We wore our safety shoes and went to the Gemba, where things happen. After a few successful trials in 2013, a diverse and courageous team of operations and software engineers with many years of experience in lean manufacturing, designed what it is today the mlean® Production System.

The team’s laser focus was on one side, to maximize the innate abilities of the frontline associates and industrial processes with a digital production system, perfectly integrated into the factory engine and capable to communicate with other factory systems. On the other, it was to improving user experience with digital tools to maximize their contribution. In 2014 Mobile Lean, SL was created, and then our manifesto:


Go where the action happens
Involve your people
Just in time
On the move

We were proud to see that our system was bringing self-actualization to better deal with reality, solving problems easily and improving efficiency in a sustainable approach. Customer adoption and improving the user experience were next.

One thing was clear, whatever we develop had to solve every single problem we detected. At the same time, this system should encourage us to be as much as we could at the shop floor, foster communication and collaboration, and simply connect people with industrial processes. That simple. A system to detect, collect and share information, ready at any time, for anybody, anywhere.

We were born to continue developing abilities of the people by providing them with the right tools. In this way, not only we were developing and engaging their teams but ensuring company survival. At mlean, we are very proud of creating value for customers, transforming worker’s lives and, setting trends for a better, more sustainable, and efficient world. The mlean® Production System is already implemented in large and local enterprises, and it is already present in more than 350 factories globally.

The timeline

The traction


“Testing the Waters” – Mobile Lean Manufacturing

  • Job Observation and 5S development
  • iKaizen Development
  • First on the field trials (Spain, France and Portugal)
  • Success stories and market expectation

New Beginnings

2014 – 2017

mlean® is born
  • 2014 mlean is born
  • First 13 factories in 4 global customers
  • Members of the Lean Community, Facyl & Escuela Lean
  • The first investment round closed


2018 – 2020

Growth & Collaboration
  • The mlean® Production System
    is already in +150 factories
  • + 30 international and local customers
  • 23 countries & + 12 languages
  • International partners network expands the mlean® PS
  • Break-even

Leaders in the market

2021 – 2023

Become a manufacturing industry benchmark

  • Provide mlean® PS with AI
  • Presence in +2000 factories
  • Market Expansion in Europe and South America 

Awards & Recognitions

Premios Emprendedor XXI: the company with highest potential in Castilla and León


Second position in Spanish National Awards in Industrial Technologies.


Best Young company by Castilla y León Económica Magazine.



Finalists as Best Innovative Solution in Advanced Factories.


Best industrial Startup according to Ingenieros VA.


Angélica Lozano, mlean CTO named as Best Executive R+D by Castilla y León Económica.

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