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Whether you need to manage the continuous improvement of a factory, the whole corporation or perform a Master Plan, we have you covered digitally. 

Save time, increase collaboration and engagement, improve communication, deploy objectives, and boost efficiency and transparency are some of the advantages of these digital products boosted with AI. 

These systems are conceived having in mind the integration with other manufacturing systems and BI platforms.

Problem Solving Digital Tool

Factory level

mlean® Production System (mPS)

Our mPS digitizes and centralizes continuous improvement from your factory. 

mlean production-system: reactive solutions and improvement drivers
mlean Products - mPShub

Corporate level


You have the mPS implemented in your factories, however, you need to be more efficient. The mPShub creates synergies, compares best practices, and finds the benchmark within your manufacturing plants.

Factory & Corporate Level

mlean® Hoshin Kanri

Deploy strategic objectives or create your Master plan with the mlean Hoshin Kanri web solution. mlean has replicated and synthesized Hoshin Kanri implementation methodology in a web application.

mlean Products - Hoshin Kanri
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