Hoshin Kanri (Master Plan) implementation tool

mlean has replicated and synthesized the Hoshin Kanri implementation methodology in a web application, in 6 steps following the PDCA cycle. While HK is not a complex philosophy, its traditional implementation has been arduous and cumbersome: many spreadsheets, wrapping walls with paper, scattered information, and analysis, slow outputs, etc…

With a simple configuration, be on top of the actions and get notified by the tool via notifications.

The mlean Hoshin Kanri methodology supports the strategic objectives deployment to any collaborator in the organization and reaches as many hierarchy levels as needed with an easy process

Hoshin Kanri Tool - mlean

The Vision

Synthesize and share the company vision with the whole team to foster alignment. Accessible at any moment and at any level of the company. Gather short-term achievements to build the path to reach that vision.

The PDCA cycle

We have added in an easy and intuitive way the PDCA cycle that replicates the traditional functionality of the the X matrix. In this way, you will be able to have the company vision, but at the same time, the team can focus in its strategic objectives, as well as the personal and department actions.

Hoshin Kanri PDCA Cycle
Hoshin Kanri Plan


In this stage, Plan, you will be able to define and deploy corporate goals at a company, department, or personal level. It also can choose the deployment pattern in the H or the Z function to cover your needs.

Define objectives

Define objectives and indicators to monitor them.

Create strategies

Create the necessary strategies to reach those objectives and select the team responsible for it. You will be able to choose between three types of strategies: numeric, financial data or action plan.


At this stage, you just need to distribute the objectives along the year and start introducing the information on a monthly basis.

Automatic aggregation

On a monthly basis, the system reports the objectives accomplished. The Master Plan will be updated and available real-time. This approach considerably improves the communication with the rest of the involved team adding strengths and weaknesses, as well as future actions. Besides, the mlean Hoshin Kanri will guide you to attach files linked to the monthly reporting.

Hoshin Kanri Do
Hoshin Kanri Check


This stage is critical to review and follow up on the objectives at the right level. The tool will provide the necessary aggregated reports at any level of the organization. At the same time, you will be able to go deep into the details if it is necessary.

Review annual plan and stakeholders

Thanks to our interactive tool, focus on what really matters and make decisions with your collaborators.


It is time to act if a corrective plan has to be put in place, and create that correction plan without losing the traceability of the prior existing information.

In the event you are not reaching your objectives, the tool gives you the opportunity to set the reason and solve the situation. Add documents, pictures, or other material that will help you to support the decisions.

Hoshin Kanri Act

Advantages of the mlean Hoshin Kanri web implementation tool

Hoshin Kanri is a great methodology to set up objectives for every level in the organization. However, tracking the progress of those objectives can be tedious, therefore a digital tool not only will guide you to build up your strategic plan, but it will bring you some advantages with the information.


You will get all the information centralized. Only one information source in the company fosters collaboration.


All the objectives are accessible by anywhere and anyone.

Get notified

Any contribution to the strategic plan you will receive an alert so you won’t miss anything in what you have to do.


Everything you check or information you consult has been updated seconds ago. You get the latest and the greatest information from the system, real-time.

Forget manual processing

Take advantage of the automatic aggregation to focus on what matters most avoiding the use of multiple files scattered around.

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