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mlean® Production System (mPS).




the shop floor

The mlean® Production System, a web and mobile based solution, empowers your employee´s learning, productivity and experience in one integrated platform. This complete system to manage the shop floor rethinks the employees contribution to the company transformation in a simple, smart and integrated platform.


the shop floor with the innovative mlean® Production System and transform your factories into a safer working environment. Put your customers first, and do this through your people, in real-time.


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your teams …. mlean believes that the people closest to the work are the best to solve the problems and are the best resources on how to do it better. Make them autonomous.


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a fully-interconnected continuous improvement system that can be integrated with your existing BI, ERP, MES, and other platforms.



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from a proven system that stems from best practices used by multiple industries and customers. We are life-long learners to bring you the best.

Preventive Solutions

We cover all the activities you will need at your shop floor with our solutions portfolio. Either you start small or big, we are always flexible and we will adapt to what you need first.

Every solution has a different set of modules, web and mobile, that will support you to prioritize according to your needs. The mPS is flexible enough to add on modules at your wish now or in the future. We have them all.  

Improvement Drivers

mPS is a web and mobile system that provides a set of improvement tools. It will help you accelerate progress, improve communication, promote transparency, and manage the knowledge of your team members in real-time.

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