shop floor related audits into a single tool.


all manual and paper processing using spreadsheets.


critical time with every audit so you can focus on value-added tasks.

Job Observation

Observe to improve

Check operators’ compliance to standards with observation, an auditing tool that enables improvement opportunities, detects anomalies, and creates action plans with multimedia content on the spot.

Verify that standards are followed and take control of the day-to-day operation.

Master Audit

Audit to prevent issues

With Master Audit, you can incorporate audits of different types such as Gemba Walks, Health and Safety Audits, Quality, Environment….

The product allows you to detail the standard of how things should be by means of pictures and descriptions for each criterion, facilitating the auditor´s job.

It also includes action plans, photos, and videos of the anomalies you see during the Audit.