Master Audit: Manage your factory forms and checklists in one place

Gather and manage any factory audits in one place (Quality, LPA, HSE, HR, 5S, Gemba Walk, etc…). Capitalize on key internal data from multiple audits performed on the shop floor with this Master Audit application. Anticipate risks and issues that can come up and get ready for your customer´s evaluations.
Master Audit Tool for workers and managers

Build your templates as you need

Create and define as many flexible audit checklists as you have on the shop floor with full control of the configuration. Link your audits with your team, where it needs to be done, if a worker configuration is required, etc…

Building the master audit templates with mlean tool

Plan audits

Plan your forms and audits as you wish, maybe yearly, monthly, or weekly. You may also plan your audits based on the role. You will have the flexibility needed to plan your audits.

Execute audits

Have a clear task to go ahead with your audits on multiple devices and have the advantage to focus on the real value you can add. Synchronize all your audits in one place, from anywhere with your mobile device, and in real time.

Master Audit Tool

Check your audits

Review the performed audits, trends, and aggregate data from multiple audits to analyze your factory status. For example, check if audits are performed on time, what are the failures more repeated, or compare audit performance in multiple areas of the factory to name a few.

Act on your audits

Your forms and checklists provide you with an overview of the audits to act upon them and link with other improvement drivers such as action plans, improvement ideas, and problem-solving among others.

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