Action Plan Functionality

Action Plans are one of the improvement drivers critical of the mlean Production System, and it goes across a wide range of the mlean modules. All the action plans are gathered through the system and are accessible from any device in the factory.
Action Plans tool for factories

Unify all your factory action plans

No matter where the PDCA source is, in or out of the mPS in your factory, you can review, follow and edit them in one place. By having all the actions plans in one place you can analyze and report the factory status anytime. Save time, be more efficient.
Action Plan Software Tool
Action Planning Tool

Enhance team communication

Your team members on the ground will be able to identify actions, plan responses and track them, until verification is completed. Action Plans can be supported and documented by graphic evidence at any stage of the process.

Streamline and prioritize actions with a real-time integral view of the factory

Foster teamwork and take quick decisions at your daily meetings. Assign a status to each action plan so you can make sure priorities are followed, regardless of the source. Make your factory action plans and insights a high-level indicator by measuring progress and success on the shop floor process.

Action Plans Software

Make the continuous improvement real

None of what we have done above matters if we do not take action to trigger improvement with a tool such as the mPS to encourage employee accountability.

Want more information?

Do not leave your actions spread out in the plant with no posibility to see them. Have them all in one place. Stay on top of everything and request a demo to know more.