HSE Risk

Effective risk prevention policies at everybody’s fingertips.

Risk prevention is vital in any factory, and our mlean® Production System (mPS) offers an HSE Risks extension to make sure your shop floor is as safe and efficient as can be.

Risk prevention for everyone in your factory

Get real time risk reports from workers across your factory, helping you limit risk exposure and prevent accidents.

By including everybody in your risk-prevention plan, you’ll have better control of your shop floor and increased safety across your organisation. Plus, your employees will be able to report risks without having to wait for the HSE manager to update the risk register.

Configure risk categories specific to your factory

Not all factories are the same, even across the same industry, and what works for you might not work for someone else in your field.

This is why we let you configure our HSE Risks tool however you want, based on your factory’s needs.

This helps you set priorities and monitor results in a way that works for your factory while also guiding your HSE risks plan.

Integrate seamlessly with any mPS module

Our HSE Risks tool is one of the improvement drivers we offer with our mPS, so anybody can report a risk related to any of our modules once implemented in your factory.

As with the rest of our modules, you can also add multimedia elements to our HSE Risks, such as photos or videos, helping everybody understand the issue better.

This brings you a unified system, a safer environment, and a more productive workforce.

Why HSE Risks?

  • ✓ Prevent future hazards by gathering real-time data from current risks in your factory
  • ✓ Get risk-collection from anywhere in your factory in seconds
  • ✓ Get risk reporting from your employees without having to wait for the HSE manager to come around
  • ✓ Integrate HSE Risk easily with any of the modules in our mPS
  • ✓ Choose risk categories that work for your factory
  • ✓ Train your teams to understand and tackle the type of risk they’re dealing with
  • ✓ Follow up and review risk status in real time