Problem Solving Digital Tool

mlean Problem Solving Tool is an easy digital tool which allows you, through a fully guided process, to identify problems, solve them and apply action plans across the whole company, as the solution might affect several departments and functions.

Apply specific guided methodologies depending on the problem difficulty, Just Do It for easy problems, 8D methodology for complex ones.

Problem Solving Digital Tool

Follow the 8D (Problem Solving) methodology with our guided tool

Follow a fully guided and centralized 8D methodology to correctly identify and solve difficult problems.

Define your problem and prepare your team

Define exactly what the problem is and include all the multimedia evidence needed, pictures, videos, etc.

Find the root cause

Apply specific methodologies to identify where the problem comes from such as the 5 whys or the 4M’s (Ishikawa).

Create corrective and preventive action plans

Once the problem is identified, apply the corrective actions needed and define preventive actions in order to avoid the problem from occurring again. Iterate the process until you verify the effectiveness of the corrective and preventive actions.

Multimedia evidences
Problem definition
Corrective actions
Track the probem

Centralization and Traceability

Track the full problem lifecycle, from its definition and identification, to the different corrective actions applied and proposed solutions together with their effectiveness. Improve the communication between team members. Everybody has now full access to the information about the problem enhancing a better team-work towards solving the problem.

Improve the trust from your clients with a robust problem solving methodology.

Create a Knowledge Data Base from problems solved

Avoid the repetition of the problems as all the information is fully available in a solved problems data-base. How the problems were identified, which solutions were applied and how they worked out.

Problem escalation

Problem escalation

Easily involve new stakeholders and organization levels by escalating the problem when needed by giving them access to the problem lifecycle.

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