OK 1st Part equals seamless mass production

Help your employees start production in a safe and flawless way. Guide them in the preparation of machines, materials, verification of key points of the process, and verifying the quality of the outgoing product. A simple tool designed to be used at the changeover, shift change, or to verify any quality problem detected at the end of the line. This application is linked to the work instructions and other documents necessary for the operation. 

OK1stPart Process

Anticipate production problems by detecting recurring problem patterns.

Ensure flawless production by taking control of your production goods by using a digital tool that will definitely reduce the cost of non-quality and undesirable performance losses. Add actions, comments, or improvement ideas for the factory.

Dynamic checklists, built to avoid product defects

This product allows you to verify everything is in order and under control to minimize quality, and safety risks by anticipating those potential issues. Build your checklist dynamically to ensure seamless production.

Ok 1st Part mlean tool
Ok 1st part mlean tool

Carry out evaluations

A well-organized list of control points created by a multidisciplinary team in a collaborative manner will provide an identifier, name, category, and creation date to carry out evaluations. Raise actions and issues as soon as they happen

Accountability and autonomy

Production teams will be autonomous to start or not the production line based on results and evidence found. Any decision will be tracked and signed.

Ok 1st Part mlean tool

Reduce the cost of non-quality and undesirable performance losses

A launch under control will decrease the cost of non-quality and will avoid performance losses with a digital tool that provides the guidance to follow every checkpoint linked with the rest of our tools (actions, standards, internal documents, problems, improvement ideas). 

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