Shop Floor Management


on what matters the most. Define daily routines completely aligned with your factory goals.


everybody takes part in the important activities.


your factory reality from different perspectives through Gemba Walk.


improvement opportunities and anticipate to potential issues.


Organize daily rounds

Define personal daily routines completely aligned with your factory goals

Focus on what matters the most and record all those  irregular activities that don’t let you reach your goals

Perform weekly meetings with your supervisors. Coach and plan new routines that let them develop their management skills

Gemba Walk

Everybody on the shopfloor

100% of problems happen in the Gemba. It’s the responsibility of all factory workers to define their routines to understand what’s happening and anticipate potential problems. 

Define review points and their frequency.

Deploy all around the factory workers to compare observations

Identify deviations and provoke production meetings focused on what you can avoid but guaranteeing everybody understand the factory reality

SFM Board

Your daily meeting data in one place

The SFM Board is a digital solution that allows you to monitor your shop
floor’s data from a centralised dashboard, so you can forget about
whiteboards, papers, and pens cluttering your shop floor.

Because the SFM Board centralises information from your daily meetings, you’ll be able to synchronise your teams even when they’re changing shifts, and your workforce will be connected and able to collaborate much more efficiently.

Our SFM Board displays information already collected in the mlean® Production System, so all you have to do is show up for your meetings and assess the data gathered in the system.

The SFM Board saves time, money, and effort by bringing data together from across your shop floor, giving you a laser-focused view of what works and doesn’t