Gemba Walk Software

To manage the shop floor, this is the solution to get everybody on the gemba and once there, everybody will get in agreement and aligned. Control your daily operations in the factory and ensure your team own their actions.

Visual Work Instructions Software

Define review points, their frequency

To keep your KPIs under control, define frequency revision points, capture deviations and put in place preventive and corrective tasks. Enrich your tour with multimedia material and other documents to improve team communication.

Decide who in your team should do certain tasks and the frequency

To guarantee team´s alignment deploy those review points to your middle management. Insights on the shop floor will bring a different perspective and a new level of understanding.

Identify discrepancies

Meet your team members face to face to understand those discrepancies and align results to reach your goals, and monitor your KPIs.

Gemba Walk Discrepancies

Define productivity gains

Envision the gap between goals and observations in one dashboard. Define an action plan for driving improvement and achieve positive results.

Anticipate issues

Track down problems and ensure team members are accountable at every step of the walkthrough. This proactive approach will transform data into value across your organization and anticipate major problems. Make quick and informed decisions.

Teamwork culture

Gemba Walk is an opportunity to promote a collaborative continuous improvement in your factory. Give team members an intuitive tool to participate in the gemba and create the daily routine.

Gemba Walk Factory Tool
Gemba Walk Teamwork Culture

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