Routines Tool

A digital logbook to manage the priorities on the production floor, in the right way and in the right time. The definitive leader standard work digital tool to develop management capabilities and then focus on the important matters rather than only on the urgent ones. Moreover, it supports the transformation of a routine into a habit.

Visual Work Instructions Software

Personalize daily rounds digitally

Define and standardize individual daily routines. Each manager will come with an individual list of routines adapted to their maturity management skills, and strengthening the alignment with the factory goals.

Routines software tool for shop floor management
Routines and Checkpoints Software

Create routines

Manage routines and tasks in an effortless and organized way beyond a simple checklist. Let the system arrange your routine to focus your efforts in what needs to be done.


Define checkpoints categories aligned with your factory KPIs such as quality,, performance, HSE, maintenance, training etc…

Link routines with other mPS modules

Access in an organized way to the different modules of the mPS to simplify your daily tasks, such as 5S, Problem Solving, Actions, Audits, Improvement Ideas, Standard Work Audits, etc…

Track current and past routines

This digital tool allows you to see progress of the factory and its management. Foster accountability and improve communication.

Routines tool allow you to track the progress of your factory
Routines Tool

Coach and develop your teams

Record irregular activities and focus on what matters the most. You will be able to check weekly in a face-to-face meeting, routines outcomes and non-planned activities (i.e. operator´s tasks replacements). Help proactively your team to grow.

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