Standard Work


your safety by defining and respecting robust standards.


your organization’s workforce with work instructions made on video.


the overall skills of your team to face all the incoming challenges.


wastes, propose new versions and get them approved to safely achieve your performance goals.

5S Workshop

The state of reference

Define the state of reference of the workstation or line, following the 5S methodology. Launch the audit to maintain the standard.

The 5S workshop module allows you to keep up-to-date references for your workbenches. It is an intuitive tool that is easy to use.

Optimize your workspace and keep quality standards via multimedia content, maintenance plans, the creation and planning of actions, and workbench audits.

Visual Standard

Visual Work Instructions & Training

Create and keep your video standards up-to-date with Visual Standard. 

Trace your work as standards and production tasks change, define the main sequences in your process, and add video content plus multimedia annotations.

Maximize your team’s capabilities with a training system that gives them autonomy and flexibility.

Skills Matrix

Track skills

Manage the talent and polyvalence of all the workers in your factory with our Skills Matrix.

For each operator, you can determine their level of polyvalence, associated with a position and/or a standard.

The matrix allows manual editing as well as integration with audits and quality issues management.

Standard Work Audit

Adherence to Standards

Keep a close eye on your standards. Verify that your collaborators follow the safety rules and perform all the operations in order to accomplish all key points.

Tackle the most problematic workstations due to cycle-time variability. By sampling cycle times over time you’ll discover where you can locate more wastes.


Zero paper Kaizen workshops

Detect all inefficiencies that affect productivity in the workstation and correct them by redefining your processes with iKaizen, our product for continuous improvement.

Use our observation tools to look for:

  • ergonomics improvement
  • better layout implementation to improve operator’s displacements
  • identify and avoid wastes with our 7-wastes identification tool
  • try to avoid the operator’s non-cyclic operations by measuring multiple cycles
  • verify the Cycle Time is correctly achieved by the operator

Share your complete Kaizen report comparing the before and the after.