5S Workshop Tool

The digital 5S Workshop tool establishes the state of reference, reduces waste and unnecessary items for your work area.

5s Digital Tool mlean

The state of reference

Define the state of reference of the workstation or line, following the 5S methodology. Launch the audit to maintain the standard. 

5S Methodology
5S References

Up-to-date references for your workbenches

The 5S module allows you to keep up-to-date references for your workbenches.

Intuitive easy-to-use 5S tool

Enable your team to distinguish between the normal and abnormal conditions at a glance. Define how a task should be done and how to do it.

Messy and unorganized workspace

Requirements to complete a task

Your team is required to complete a task whenever they spend time tracking down tools or information. 

5S Tool
5S Quality Standards

5S Workshop tool for optimizing your workspace and keep quality standards

Implement a systematic way to improve your workplace. The 5S product allows you to keep up-to-date references for your workbenches.

Multimedia content

Optimize your workspace and keep quality standards via multimedia content. Access videos, photos, documents, lists, and tables from anywhere on any device for your workbench audits or remind you the state of reference.

Maintenance plans

Anticipate your maintenance plans and keep them updated. Keep the team informed about the maintenance plant.

Creation and planning of actions

Create and plan actions for your team to maintain the state of reference always up-to-day. Control them from the web or mobile.

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