Skills Matrix Tool

It was never so easy to manage the polyvalence and certifications of your collaborators with our Skills Matrix tool. Support production managers to oversee the team skills to get your factory ready for any challenge. Identify skills gaps, develop and motivate your team with learning objectives. This tool allows you to know in real-time your team skills and certifications. Connect the shop floor needs with your HR department.

Skills Matrix Digital Tool

Anticipate skills needs

The Skills Matrix tool will alert you when someone’s skill level is close to expiring.

Update your team where everyone is with an automated tool and reevaluate based on the latest updated work instructions versions. Inform them about what they need to improve and what new skills they need to add to become trainers and experts.

More flexibility

Foster the flexibility you need to cover any position with any of your collaborators. Define training activities and develop their skills.

More autonomy

Everyone should know what skills should improve, learn, or the new skills necessary to progress and reach the polyvalence level required in her/his position.

Skills Matrix mlean Tool

Set your team skills goals

Understand how many members of the team need to reach certain skills goals and drive their training to that goal.

Check and approve different levels based on performance

Handle the collaborators polyvalence at a workstation or reference level. With the ILUO audit, you can better measure the real workers skill level by adding evidence to support your decision.

I: In training – Basic training level and security instructions, support needed from a supervisor.

L: Partially trained – Able to execute the operation under normal conditions, able to respect the set cycle time, and able to identify manufacturing defects.

U: Completely trained – Able to execute the operations independently. Capable of preparing the workstation and startup and resolving anomalies of their own operation.

O: Trainer – Able to instruct other operators and suggest process improvements.

Track the origin of quality defects

Our module will help you to track what collaborators need additional training and support. Very easily you could define the threshold of quality defects per week or per month so that you can identify the weaknesses of your team to avoid the cost of non-quality in production.

Integrations to keep the skills tracked

Our Skills Matrix module is integrated with the rest of mPS modules. You can track the different audit results at a collaborator level. Thanks to our API, you could interact with our information to make your systems more intelligent.

Full traceability

As your team is observed and audited, you have a place to fully trace how you have developed your collaborators skills. This tool provides you the peace of mind on who, and when should cover any workstation/function at your factory. Precious information for your HR departments.

mlean Skills Matrix Tool

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