Visual Standard™ : Work Instructions Software

The right software for digitizing work instructions. Eliminate paper-based standards and update and share them on-the-go.
Visual Work Instructions Software

Create and keep video standards

Create and keep your video work instructions in one place. One access point for your company knowledge.
Visual Work Instructions
Visual Work Instructions for Manufacturing

Trace your work

Trace all what you do and how you do it. Control the workflows and its approval. Notify your employees when and where the work instructions have been developed and updated.

Add video content and multimedia annotations

Define the main sequences in your process and add video content plus multimedia annotations. Improve communication with your teams with video support.

Eliminate paper

Replace paperwork instructions by visual guides with easy defined sequences of your process.

Reduce training times

Make your team continue creating value even when there are new workers. Do not let new operators absorb the time of experienced ones. Video work instructions will reduce considerably training times.

Avoid mistakes & misinterpretations

Replace your work instructions translations to the local language, save time and use visual guides. Reduce mistakes and misinterpretations.
Visual Standard Work Instructions

Maximize your team’s capabilities

Maximize your team´s potential and provide them more autonomy and flexibility.

More autonomy

Your workers will be able to consult as many times as they need the work instructions.

More flexibility

Provide them the flexibility to create, consult and improve by themselves the processes and sequences they are working on.

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