TPM: Total Preventive Maintenance tool

Involve production teams to implement preventive maintenance activities to avoid accidents, breakdowns, small stops, and quality defects.

With this TPM tool, you will organize hourly tasks related to CIL (Cleaning, Inspection & Lubrication), OPL (One Point Lessons), centerlining, 5S, and many others. Place routine maintenance responsibility on the production team first with this TPM application. Thus, guarantee correct tasks, and optimize time and potential risk areas through the heat map.

Total Productive Maintenance

Define your review points

Now it is time to define categories, who, where in the factory, what, tools, and how often. Schedule reviewing the tasks on the lines by role, by time, shift, workstation, area of the factory, category, etc…and check past non-compliances in previous shifts. Review with the Visual Standard tool or any other internal or CMMS.
Total Productive Maintenance Tool
The best tool for Productive Maintenance

Execute your planned tasks

Do not skip checks that will create issues in your production line and implement discipline in your team by scheduling checks in an organized way, chronologically and physically reacting in real-time unforeseen deviations.

Analyze results and trends

Make decisions on what is happening in real-time or analyze based on past data. Load your factory layout and use the heatmap to understand the critical areas of your factory by loading your factory layout.

Total Productive Analysis Tool
AI Tool for total productive maintenance

Go beyond your expectations with AI

AI has been integrated in this tool to anticipate and plan through the heatmap.

Take better decisions

Analyze and plan decisions with a seamless follow-up and connect with your data analytics.

The mlean workstation tool for TPM Lean

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