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Create synergies.
Compare best practices.
Find your benchmark factory.

The mPShub® is a web-based solution that advances improvements in your corporation to align all your factories in the same direction. You have the most complete system (the mlean Production System) already implemented in your factories, you need to accelerate your factories’ performance, and compare results between them.

mPShub Overview

Align your factories in the same direction

The mPShub is an all-in-one tool that translates data collected in the mPS (mlean Production System) into valuable information. The mPShub has been designed to support COOs and Directors of Operational Excellence from business units and corporations. The goal is to align their factories in the same direction and provide the visibility they need.

Your factories have already the mlean Production System implemented. Get all your factories’ number of audits, actions, and data collected aggregated, and in real-time in this unique meeting point. Be able to compare, monitor, share best practices and extend synergies between all of your factories.

The mPShub upgrades your continuous improvement activities at the corporate level and facilitates best practices. Detect your benchmark facility and select your trendsetter at corporate and industry levels.

Set operational excellence, improve efficiency, accelerate performance, and create ideas’ roadmaps with real-time data from your factories.

Use Cases for the mPShub

Many plants to follow up

Lack of synergies between your factories

Lack of engagement for best practices

Lack of visibility and evolution

Benefits of the mPShub

  • Detect synergies between all your factories
  • Monitor progress of all of them
  • Find all the data aggregated from all your factories to have an overview of usability and behaviour
  • Have a unique meeting point to consult real-time all the data collected in the mPS from each factory
  • Get all the data necessary to establish KPIs
  • Encourage non engaged factories to become part of best practices through information

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