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Routines, Gemba walks, or visual management displays —whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

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Shop floor management at mlean

Our Shop Floor Management solution includes 3 modules to ensure you have everything you need to run your shop floor efficiently.

Select the modules you need and leave out the ones you don’t. You can always add more later!

Here’s an overview of what’s included in this solution:


Without routines, a shop floor is a chaotic space.

Our Routines module solves this by helping you define your team’s daily routines, keeping everyone on the same page.

You can also record any last-minute changes and adapt your routines accordingly without wasting time.

This is also a great training tool for your supervisors, as you can schedule weekly meetings and plan new routines to help them further develop their management skills.

With Routines, you can:

Gemba Walk

Most factory problems happen on the shop floor. So, we’ve developed a tool to help you navigate this with ease.

We’ve taken the traditional Gemba Walk and digitalised it, so you have all the relevant information you need securely stored in the cloud and accessible to everyone.

With our Gemba Walk module, you can:

SFM Board

SFM Board is the name of mlean’s visual management panel for your shop floor. 

This module allows you to access your KPIs from a single dashboard that you can customise, displaying only the most relevant metrics.

This tool centralises all the information input through other modules, so your data will be updated and accessible at all times.

With SFM Board, you can:

‘Reaching phase 4 for lean deployment wouldn’t have been possible without the enormous help of the mPS and the constant assistance of mlean’s customer success team.’

Ignacio Roch

Operation Manager & Lean Expert at Signify

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