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Our Standardisation solution has all the tools you need to implement effective processes across your lines

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Standardisation at mlean

Our solution features 4 modules, covering all the bases.

You can select the modules you need and ignore the ones you don’t. You can always upgrade later!

Included in this solution:

5S Workshop

5S implementation creates a safer, more productive environment for your workforce that fosters collaboration, communication, and accountability.
With the 5S Workshop module, setting the standards you need to make the most of your factory has never been easier. 

And because it supports multimedia files, it allows you to set standards quickly and efficiently, which your workforce can access whenever they want.

With our 5S Workshop module, you can

Visual Standard

Cut employee training time by 50% and boost your teams’ efficiency and autonomy with Visual Standard.

This module allows you to create, share, and update visual instructions that your employees can access anywhere, anytime.

This reduces the time your line managers spend reviewing work instructions with your employees, freeing them to perform other value-added activities.

Our Visual Standard module allows you to:

Skill Matrix

Our Skill Matrix makes your workforce more efficient and versatile. It enables targeted training specific to each employee’s post and abilities so that they can be deployed where they’d be most effective.

With Skill Matrix, you can:

Standard Work Audit

Auditing is fundamental to ensuring your processes work as they should. Audits allow you to fix any issues as soon as they arise, and if there aren’t any, they help you find improvement opportunities to optimise your processes even more.

With Standard Work Audit, you can:

‘With Visual Standard, we’ve cut our employees’ training time by half.’

Arturo González

Plant manager at Signify

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