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Start your production the best way

Our OK 1st Part module ensures a flawless production before you even start manufacturing.

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Start of production at mlean

Manufacturing lines tend to generate waste in scrap, rework, and quality issues that could have been avoided altogether.

Our OK 1st Part module ensures that the start of your production is flawless, so you can
carry high-quality standards throughout the manufacturing process, reducing scrap and rework.

OK 1st Part

Start reducing non-quality costs and undesirable performance losses. With our OK 1st Part module, anticipate production issues by detecting recurring patterns and addressing them.

This module can be used at changeover to verify and address any quality issues at any point of the production line, and you can link it with any work instructions you create through our Visual standard module.

With OK 1st Part: 

‘When I started working here in 2017, we found around 60,000 PPMs at the end of the quality line. In the last year and a half, we’ve had zero.’

Ignacio Roch

Operation Manager & Lean Expert at Signify

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